Dental Implants

At Family Dentistry of West Bloomfield, your oral health and happiness is our number one priority. If you aren’t happy with your smile, then the Doctors at our office want to help you achieve the smile you have always wanted. Whether it is through one of our other cosmetic procedures such as veneers, crowns, orthodontic treatment or through dental implants, we are here to treat you. If you are unhappy with your dental appearance we encourage you to make an appointment for a consultation.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental Implants are a permanent solution for a missing or poorly functioning tooth that a patient needs replaced. More specifically, it is a titanium root that is fused to the bone and attaches to a crown. This procedure is typically a two-step procedure and your doctor will let you know of a clear treatment plan once you are evaluated. Depending on how long your tooth has been missing the bone that had once supported the root may have deteriorated. One of the major benefits of getting a dental implant at this time is that it will prevent future bone loss.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

If you have significant bone loss at the time when you decide to get dental implants, your doctor will provide what is called a bone graft to fill in the space where your bone once was. At this point, the doctor will then place the implant with a temporary tooth replacement while the implant fuses to the bone. This process can take up to a couple of months however once it is fused your final crown can then be put into place. Keep in mind that dental implants require the same care as your natural teeth so maintaining excellent oral health is important. Be sure to brush and floss!

Visit Your West Bloomfield Dentists For A Consultation!

If you are in the West Bloomfield area, have a missing tooth and think that you may be a candidate for dental implants please contact us! We are always eager to help patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile they have always wanted. We look forward to meeting you soon!